I have long wanted to visit the rolling white sand dunes of White Sands National Monument in New Mexico. Sometimes we just have to stop thinking about visiting these places and just pack the car and go, so that is what we did. To break up the drive and make the trip fun, we decided to stop and stay in Marfa, TX. I have always heard great things about El Cosmico (http://elcosmico.com/stay/marfa) and decided to stay there as our stopping point. In a town with not a lot going on...El Cosmico makes up for it. There are a few tepees and an array to funky cool trailers on the property including outdoor showers and a few log burning hot tubs. This place was way more amazing than one can imagine. Check out some of the images we captured while on our stay. 

El Cosmico Day 1-17 for web.jpg

After our amazing night in our retro trailer, we decided to check out a bit of Marfa on our way out of town and made a pit stop by the Prada art display. It is for sure a must see when in the area. It seems so out of place yet perfectly at home all at once. 

After making a short pit stop at Prada Marfa, we took on the 4.5 hour drive to White Sands. Heading into New Mexico to be greeted by the Las Cruces Mountains which were gorgeous and I had I wished we would have had more time to stop and explore. Upon entering White Sands we were greeted by a long white dusty road that seemed to never end. We learned that in order to reach your campsite you had to hike 1 mile over dunes to reach your designated camp spot which made it difficult when hiking with multiple bags of camera gear. We arrived with a few hours to sunset and had planned to shoot a short film before the sun fell over the mountains. The winds picked up and the temperature fell below 30 degrees. Ashley had to walk over dunes in a flowing dress which she nearly froze while i tried to shoot as much footage before we lost last light in the dunes. As Ashley reached her freezing point I hoped we had enough footage to create a short film. As we made our way back to our tent the sun had disappeared and cooked our dinner over our small campfire stoves. During the night we nearly froze, even in our 0 degree rated sleeping bags. We woke up before the sun rose the next morning to explore and capture a few photographs. I can only explain White Sands to be something that exists between heaven and my dreams.

White Sands-9 for web.jpg

After leaving White Sands, we were back to El Cosmico to stay in our tepee for Valentines Day. When we headed into our tepee we found the most amazing place that we were going to spend the night in. I highly recommend staying in a tepee when visiting Marfa.

Deciding to get out on the road for an adventure was one of the best decisions. Sometimes making the quick decisions for adventure are some of the best!