It is a crisp spring morning at Reimer's Ranch as David and myself grab our camera bags and climbing gear to shoot female rock climber Acacia Young. Acacia is both a rock climber and a dietician who has combined both her passions to create her nutrition business Climb Healthy ( We arrive at our first location for a few product shots before we actually get up on the rock face for our action shots. 

After a few warm up routes, Aicacia has moved on to her first project of the day. We head to body wax, which is an amazing route in one of the caverns on the property. The route is amazingly beautiful and looks extremely difficult to climb. Aicacia makes these routes look like they could be easy for a beginner to climb as she works her way to the top.


For her final project of the day we head to Block Party, a 13a route. Aicacia explains that she has been slowly but surely working on this route for a while. She admits that she is not looking forward sending it as it has been the one route that she truly enjoys. After a long day of climbing and shooting, we pack it up to head back to Austin. Today was a great first "official" shoot as D&D Media Collective...more to come.