David Wells is a professional outdoor photographer/videographer who has made his passion his life. For the last three years, he has told people's stories through photography and film. From outdoor adventures, to lifestyle imagery, he has captured the full spectrum of people living their unique lifestyles. This road is what led him to partner with longtime friend, and professional photographer David Heisler, together they create D&D Media Collective.

David Heisler is a unique combination of exceptional artistic talent and an esoteric understanding of light. Upon graduation, David accepted a position working as the digital assistant to renowned celebrity photographer, Greg Gorman. In 2007, he branched out on his own to create David Heisler Photography, LLC. David Heisler continues to expand his ever growing and extensive range of clientele from Fashion Designers and Advertising Agencies to Hollywood's hottest Celebrities. His work has been featured in many publications and TV Networks worldwide. As a fun, energetic and outgoing guy, David Heisler has built his career around the idea that "WORK should be FUN". He recently has partnered with fellow photographer and friend David Wells, together they create D&D Media Collective.